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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Jul 29, 2012

Stay. No matter how hard it is to be wit me, just stay.

Jul 17, 2012


smile and is willing to brighten ur day :)

hai assalamualaikum ! it's been a long since i dont update my blog.Last entry is last year and now already JULY.Today i'm still breathing,i'm healthy and i'm alive alhamdulillah ya allah.Too many problem happen nowadays keep me strong.Sometimes people say or do things to try and bring us down,but all really does is it make u more determined than ever.If they only knew :). In love,no words i can describe how much i love him. I just wanna marry him,just him and when we talk,i feel like i could smile for hours and hours without getting tired.Part of me is always love him. I think everyone deserve to be happy,dont let our past control our future. I remembered my mom advice,she tell be careful for who u trust because everyone smile in front of you is not ur friend. And when i have a problem, my sister and mom always be there for me,alhamdulillah :D. I have to forget what is gone,and appreciate what i have right now. I'm so grateful because when i'm down,sick,PMS,happy he always become my hero,no doubt la bile aku sedih je he treat me like a baby mcm mana aku tak happy kan :P. Before i forget,i found a quote that really touched me,Don't walk behind me,I may not lead.Dont walk in front of me,I may not follow just walk beside me and be my friend. That's all.BYE :)